Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sometimes life gets in the way...

Okay you guys, I underestimated the amount of time in life that real work, and a side business would take.  Life has gotten real this year you guys...there was a 5 week stint where I was gone 3 out of 5 of them, and in 5 cities over those 5 weeks. There has been a marathon, a half marathon, a 56 mile bike ride and a 67.5 mile bike ride.  I did get to take a couple of days off and hangout with some good friends in Key West in the spring, and a fantastic summer vacation with my best friends in Seattle.  What more can I ask for?!? Oh and I turned 30! So to get back into this lets just start with a few photos of adventures and all of the food I have been baking since well you know March when I last posted.  Oops my bad!  Life just got in the way and lots of really yummy food.

One of the few springs when I was actually in DC to see the Cherry Blossoms blooming.

And for the first year at one of my favorite events of the year, my wedding planning company was able to help out with Taste of the Nation, by donating the Chef bags!

City #2 over the 5 weeks was Chicago for work, where I always try to get a morning run permitting that is.  I am most definitely a sunrise leaves so much hope for the new day ahead.

Morning run when I was back in DC for a few days...

Okay City #5 and a great trip to Key West.  This sandwich from Bien was simply delicious, and exactly what we needed after the long ride from Key Largo.

Key West Sunset...a must see.

The things you see on a morning run through a new city, this...

and when you find the donut place you had been wanting to go to.  So, you finish up your run, grab a friend and go get a dozen.  If you make your way to Key West and love a good donut like I do, Glazed Donuts is a must stop.

To work off all of the delicious food from Key West, there was a spring bike ride of 57 miles that turned out to be much colder than James or I thought it would be.  But we finished with smiles.

This spring there were also Whoopie pies for a bridal shower.  Devils food whoopie pies with Baileys Buttercream filling and Heath Bar crunch.

There was also a dessert tasting for my friend Shanan's wedding...which is happening in two weeks! first wedding as a coordinator this year was beautiful!

And my second involved fireworks off a Pontoon boat in Maryland.

The third wedding of the season had the most unique and beautiful place cards I have ever seen.

Then June came around and there was pie.  Three different pies in one week, and it all started with a strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry pie...aka a one serious berry pie.

And then a mile high apple pie...definitely the tallest apple pie I personally have ever made.

The fourth wedding of the season was absolutely gorgeous, and I was happy to capture this moment right before the I Do's.

The 4th of July involved some time at our favorite summertime bar in DC with our pup.  If you ever make it to DC in the late spring, summer or early fall and just want a bar to chill at outside, Cantina Marina is a great place for just that.

And to wrap up the wedding season one last cake...would you believe only one the layers is real?  The bride and groom served chocolate lava cake for all of the guests!

This year the real work and meetings continued into July; thankfully the meeting was in DC.  Amy and I made it out one morning for a run and caught this beautiful sunset from the Key Bridge.

In there were office birthdays.  The request this time was for a cookie if I could make it that simple.  I went with three different 9 inch cookie cakes (chocolate chip, chocolate and peanut butter chip, and white chocolate chip)

Then we finally went on a vacation after my last summer meeting Santa Barbara.  I think I found my new favorite cocktail at the Ace Hotel LA, called the Hollywood & Vine.  My new goal is to master this drink at home.

And of course as I do, when in a new city, there was a morning run involved.  Doing a running tour of  a new city is one of my simple pleasures.

And since I went on the morning run I could then stuff my face with one half of this...I shared the other half with the hubby.

Then we headed to Seattle to continue our West Coast adventures, where my best girlfriends met up with us.

After my morning birthday run there were birthday donuts of course.  These were so freakin good from Daily Dozen Doughnut Company.

In Seattle, there was a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel.

A stop at Seattle Beer Company and...

lots of fun with friends.

Kathryn's birthday might also be the day after day two of birthday donuts was also a success.  (This was a super yummy Top Pot Donut)

Views for ever...

When in Seattle there was a stop at the original Starbucks too.  

We then headed back East, where I got to celebrate my birthday with a giant, large pizza sized, donut!  My co-workers really know they way to my heart.

And then there were s'mores cookie bars...Thanks for sharing the recipe Molly! (

And then on one of those days this summer where it was 96 degrees, but felt like 117, we road 67.5 miles...because we got lost in rural Maryland and went 5 miles out of our way.  Oops

And most recently...that was actually picture worthy...a berry swirl cheesecake topped with fresh berries.

Sorry to be gone for so long, but let's try this again!

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