Friday, February 21, 2014

"Samoas" Shortbread...a week of chocolate caramel and coconut

A good question with sound advice shared by a friend this week...

Should you follow your heart or your head?  Hmm……here’s some food for thought.  The heart never lies, the head does.  We can over think, doubt, and rationalize almost anything, because the mind likes stability and a step-by-step process.  The heart, however, is nonlinear and sensing.  So while our minds often constrict us into believing that’s its best to stay put, not take risks, and avoid repeating the pain of the past, our hearts always know the way to our greatest happiness. (Research from Heart Health.)...thanks for sharing Judy.

With all of the quotes that float around now on the internet...I mean Pinterest has entire page devoted to pinning quotes...the meaning behind some of them gets a little watered down sometimes.  So when I received this blast tip this week at work, I knew immediately that I wanted to share it.  There are very few "quotes"/online advise tips that leave me thinking and wondering for a minute, but this one did.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Samoas"/"Caramel Delight" Cupcakes

Its one of those weeks where I have so many things going on in my head that, I don't even know where to start.  Last week flew by with work, a snow day, driving down South for my nephews magic of science birthday party and getting things checked off the wedding to do tasting....check...first dress fitting...check.  Some how I am left feeling productive and behind all at the same time.  

So, to take my mind off of things for a bit, I baked.  Technically last week I baked donuts and shortbread...I'll get around to those...I am a bit behind, but a couple of weeks ago I made these cupcakes for a co-worker's birthday. Inspired by the Girl Scout cookies and these Samoas donuts from last year, this time its Samoas cupcakes.  The fluffy cupcakes, the crunch of the toasted coconut and the sweetness of the chocolate with the slightly salty caramel mean these are pretty much delicious!  If you grew up eating Samoas or depending on where you are at in the country...Caramel Delights...these should be right up your alley. Give them a try and Enjoy!

Cupcakes baked...I figured you all have seen enough mixtures of my mixture...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What?!?! Cinnamon Chip Cookie Butter Cookies

Sometimes I really wonder what I am doing? Like there was a time a couple of years ago when my mind would always try to over complicate things.  Charles always says I have a million things going on in my head, and to just tell him one thing I am thinking about when I get "that look" on my face.  I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but I definitely do show my emotions on my face, and half the time I don't even realize it. 

Things the past couple of weeks have been hectic and there have been more than a few times where I have gotten "the look."  The problem is I have a tendency to be overly harsh on people, as well as myself, in work and in baking.  I mean the other day I made two dozen chocolate zucchini cupcakes and I almost threw them in the trash because I didn't think they tasted good enough.  It ended up that the birthday girl liked them though, so I was glad I didn't trash them.  In the real world though I know I will grow and learn over time.  I figure if I am cognizant of it, then I can try to step back and think about how in my office we are all a team.  That we really couldn't put on great meetings if we weren't all working hard and working together.  Plus while I might put my business out there to the world sometimes, others do enjoy their privacy, and therefore I have very little idea as to what is going on in their personal life.  In mine though there was crazy travel...

From DC to Atlanta to Minneapolis to Orange County...we it made!

They just happened to be filming The Trophy Wife by the pool...if only I hadn't been working and just snapped this shot while I was rushing to get changed.