Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Triple Layer Cake" - Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brownie and Vanilla Cake

You know those moments when you are left with only your thoughts? Whether you are on a 7 hour flight, running a half marathon and trying to think about anything but how many miles are left, or just laying by the pool, sometimes they are what you really need. Sometimes I think we all avoid being with just our thoughts, because there are things in life we don't want to think about...other times you just have to make yourself do it so you can try and figure things out. 

Recently I can't stop thinking about what's next, and I DON'T mean kids. I mean, I really still enjoy my job, but I have been loving to meet with brides and help as a day of coordinator. BUT is it really okay if I have a side job?  I mean it's good because I am learning, like I keep learning here by making new recipes, testing my knowledge and skills, but I am not sure how others will see it.  After lots of thought though, I think I have to go for it so wish me luck! (

In honor of it, this week lets talk about cake. Let's talk about a cake that was fun, challenging, time consuming and required a lot of planning, just the way planning a wedding can.  This cake is no ordinary cake it is three individual layers that come together into an amazing birthday cake that just had to have sprinkles on top.  Whether someone prefers chocolate chip cookies over brownies over vanilla cake they are all here stuck together with creamy vanilla buttercream frosting.  So, if you have the time, and are looking for a fun dessert, give this one a try.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Peaches n' Cream Scones

Well it's been a bit well busy around here lately, but doesn't everyone claim they are busy these days?  I have started reading a book that talks about learning to spend and give your time towards things you are more interested in, rather than just giving and doing because you feel like you should.  I haven't made progress with this yet, but I will keep you posted.  

Let's see...the past few weeks have been...

A trip to Park City, UT for a few days with work...this fall is going to be crazy, but these aspen trees are beautiful. 

5 cakes in one week: 2 cheesecakes, the crazy cake below...

(From bottom to top: chocolate chip cookie, brownie, vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting)