Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Classic...Lemon Bars

Okay real life got in the way again, and I haven't been able to hangout here.  In the world of sweets, with delicious things baking in the oven.  I spent about 9 days in California, planning the largest meeting I have ever been a part of with a fantastic team.  Before that, it was really just late nights in the office with little time for after work baking of blogging.  So these are way over due for posting, and were made at the request of Charles' co-workers...shout out the Manhattan team at CoStar.  These are being posted for you.  These are some seriously delicious lemon bars though, sweet and the right amount of tart lemon flavor.  A bit time consuming, because of how long it takes to squeeze lemons...but if I had a juicer it would definitely save me some time...guess that's my own fault.  Oh well.  Enjoy!

Some fun pictures from California...

I do love running in new places, especially finding new routes in California

Friday, October 11, 2013

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake with Peanut Butter Ice Cream

I have been trying to read more "fun" books lately to try and take my mind off of all of the work of real life.  Sometimes the fun books are completely different than my life and other times they hit closer to home than I might have originally started out thinking.  The most recent book had a quote that I knew immediately I wanted to share because it really clicked with me...

"Interesting how garbled and confusing the past becomes under the anesthesia of time.  You try to count the years and make come sense of them, but almost immediately they blur and become one bit thing.  The past."  
                                            -Beth Harrison(Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave him the Wrong Finger)

I have this feeling often, because I hate to admit that I totally still ponder about things in the past.  Not that I regret them, but there are still times I wonder how something went in the direction it did at the time.  There are still moments where I can't help but wonder...Why?  I know they will all blur as I move into the future and live in the present moment; like how I sometimes forget I have made and shared some of the recipes I have here on this blog. Some days I think I am having a new and interesting idea for something to bake, and then I realize...oh I have made that before.  

This one is definitely different new though, as the birthday boy I made it for came up with a list of potential things I could make, but his one request was to make it on here.  So...this is for you Adam.  Thanks for all of the ideas and taking my combination of two of them.  I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your birthday dessert!