Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grilled Avocado with Poblano & Queso Fresco

Well this is it for now on the savory side.  It has been a fun month getting to share some savory dishes here (Do you think I should continue to throw some on here every now and again?)  I thought I would round out the month with a new dish for me to make, but a take on one of my new favorites at Rose's Luxury.  We can definitely just go ahead and call this a copy cat recipe for their Grilled Avocado which is basically amazingly delicious, I wish I was eating one right now, and I hope it stays on their menu for a long time.  

Grilled avocado, if you have never tried one, almost melts in your mouth with of course a nice grilled flavor.  Charles said last night that it scoops out almost like ice cream.  To make it a copy cat and not knowing Rose's actual recipe, I grilled my poblano pepper and half a seeded jalapeno to get a nice char on each.  I couldn't find cotija cheese at the store, so I substituted with some queso fresco.   This turned out exactly like I hoped it would.   The peppers add great flavor with a little kick and a different texture.  The cheese adds a nice creaminess that softness the spicy nice of the jalapeno.  If you are a big fan of avocados, I would definitely give this recipe a try.  I know next time that I have to make two avocados because Charles wants an entire one to himself.  Now that the grill is out, these are definitely going to be in the mix this summer.  Enjoy! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

My go to Summer Pesto...Beet Greens & Pecans Pesto

Recipe 3 in my going savory/non-baked recipes month.  

Let's talk pesto...in the Owen's household (still a little weird to say), I am the only pesto eater.  Thus, if I make it like I have a tendency to do in the summer months, I generally incorporate it into my lunch menus.  This week I used it two ways, but there are plenty of uses for a good pesto.  This week as roasted vegetable and pasta salad with this pesto and then a prosciutto caprese sandwich with pesto instead of basil.  I don't know what it is...well it'd probably all of the yummy tomatoes that it goes so well with and the abundance of fresh basil...but pesto screams summer to me.  This recipe is simple easy, and if you don't use all of the pesto within a week or so, you can totally freeze it!  Give it a try this summer and Enjoy!

This week was...being a puppy parent on my own while Charles was in New York.  Having a screw in my tire...leading to me needing a whole new tire, but to literally brighten my day this rainbow came out of nowhere. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

The only burger I make at home...Buffalo aka Bison Burgers

Let's talk burgers...they come in all sizes, they are now made with all different meat or no meat at all, and let's be real the toppings are endless.  I feel like a burger could really say a lot about a person, what do your burger toppings say about you? Check it out  I wish my burger said..."I'm trying to be slightly healthy by having a buffalo burger with lettuce, tomato and avocado, but I also like my cheese and BBQ sauce too...not everything can be healthy."  These burger are my go to, they are my let me still try to impress my husband and cook a "man" dinner, but let me serve it with some sauteed spinach, since fries at home just aren't the same.  These burgers are incredibly juicy and filled with flavor...the key ingredients being, well other than the ground bison, jalapeno, onions, Worcestershire sauce and some Morton's steak seasoning.   If you have never had a buffalo burger, you should really give one a try, it really does taste just as good as a regular burger, but is leaner, has more nutrients and just better for you.  I use it for nacho night and in spaghetti sauce...pretty much anywhere ground beef would normally be used.  Give this burger a try and Enjoy!

This week there has also been some baking...even though I am going savory recipes this month, doesn't mean there isn't still room for plenty of sweet things.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beet Hash aka Red Flannel Hash

Okay...I know I am stepping way out of the box here for doing a savory non-baked dish here, but stick with me...I promise it's delicious.  I figured with summer nearly upon us, we are all looking for new and different ways to use summer veggies.  I made this beet hash for the first time last summer after tasting the red flannel hash at Founding Farmers in DC.  Their beet hash is not nearly as beet heavy though with more potatoes and peppers.  What I wanted, after I had finished cleaning my plate, was for there to have been more beets, so I figured I would try making my own.  Don't worry though, there are still some potatoes in these to go along with them green peppers and onions.  This dish really makes for a great breakfast for dinner situation and lets you still have your veggies too.  Give it a try...if you like beets that is and Enjoy!

First things first, clean the raw beets, remove the greens (but clean and save them for later. We will be making beet green pesto with those.), cut off the root and clean with a brush.  Then peel with your handy dandy peeler.  This could definitely be done ahead of time, and just store the shredded beets in a container. (If their ends up being a lot of excess beet juice at the bottom of the container, discard before adding in the potatoes, green peppers and onions.)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Life...just a glimpse

Once again I have been falling behind...so let's quickly catch up here friends...

In the past month there have been browned butter vanilla bean cupcakes with sprinkles for a baby shower.

A bridal shower with biscuit bar, my fav cinnamon rolls and mini spinach bacon quiche.