Thursday, October 11, 2018

Apple, Cinnamon Chip & Pecan Scones

I think I have hit my quarter life crisis, just a few years late.  I have been doing a lot of thinking this year, and I feel like it has gotten me a whole lot of no where.  I have hit this point in life where I don't know what's next in life, but I feel very unsettled.  Have you ever felt this way?  Unsettled really is the best way for me to describe it.  Charles and I's friends all fall between married and having kids or single.  The thing about it is that I don't really think I want to have kids.  I have always kind felt that if I ever (because this was a thought long before I knew Charles.) had kids I would adopt, because there are so many children out there who need a good home.  But is that really what we want to do? I don't know.  Or should I dive into my career, grow my business, and see where it takes me?  I don't ever really mention God here because I am 100% fine with everyone having their own do you...but I have been talking at God a lot over the past several months, hoping I will get shoved in the right direction.  I am a pretty firm believer that if it's meant to be it will be.  For right now though, I am just trying to get back to baking to help clear my head.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Just in time for Fall...Browned Butter Apple Cider Cake

It's time, I am ready to embrace fall.  Give me all of the apples and pumpkin spice.  Bring on the flannel, vests and boots.  It's time for college football Saturdays with cider and bourbon or beer.  As a child and even until recent years I thought summer was my favorite season, but I truly have a growing love for fall.  I love that the days roll from warm into chilly nights, and they leave you wishing for a bonfire and s'mores.  

There is also just something about the changing of the seasons, which makes me feel like you can start fresh again.  That you can try to once again start paying attention to the little things in life that often times mean the most.  Fall to me is a time to settle down a bit, to dig back into work and refocus on how I want to finish out the year.  It has left me revisiting my goals for the year, and left me wanting to hangout with my family and friends, which is exactly what fall lends itself so well to.   So this past weekend, not only was there football, but there were friends and family to tailgate and spend the day with...which is pretty much the perfect fall day.

Football season = Go PIRATES!

This need to embrace fall is one of the reasons I had the urge to make this cake.  When the recipe popped up in my inbox from Food and Wine, I knew I would make it soon.  The only thing I wanted to modify was using browned butter instead of plain unsalted butter in the cake.  The cake came out a little dense, but has a nice crumb at the same time.  It is nice and not overly sweet with yummy chunks of apple throughout.  The only thing I might change for next time is adding some toasted and chopped pecans.  If you like coffee cake and apple cider, I would definitely recommend giving this cake a try.  Enjoy!