Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Updated Black Forest Cake

Do you ever feel like waiting patiently is the hardest part? Waiting for a cake to bake and then cool?  Waiting for pie crust to spend a little time in the refrigerator? Or for butter to soften?...but then in the end the time spent waiting patiently is worth it.  Sometimes we are just waiting anxiously to get a text back from a friend.  Or I remember the days...several years ago now when I would wait, what felt like hours in college, for a phone call from Charles.  Or right out of college just hoping and waiting to get an email back from and of the what felt like 100s of companies I had applied for jobs with.  Ultimately though the wait tends to be worth, the right person, thing, job comes along or the cake that took hours turns out just the way it is supposed to...almost as if it were fate.