Saturday, October 3, 2015

Peach Blueberry Buckle...for when you just can't let go of summer

So its fall, and I am ready to jump in feet first sort of!  Bring on the pumpkin and apple everything and the fun fall Starbucks cups. Fall for me mean it's time to start drinking hot tea again, it's time for flannel and boots, and most importantly ECU Pirate Football.  But before all remaining hints of summer are gone and the ground is completely covered in leaves, and I had to share this recipe with you.  It is perfect for those late summer peaches that are still in the store. You know the ones that are better for baking or making jam with because they are just kind mushy.  This peach blueberry "buckle" didn't exactly buckle because I put a few to many blueberries and peaches in it, but I am kind of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much fruit in this.  It definitely came out more cakey, but it absolutely delicious as a breakfast cake served warm.  Give it a try or save it for next summer, either way Enjoy!