Friday, June 27, 2014

A lot on my mind led to Baked Blueberry Maple Donuts

Do you ever have one of those days where you just need to be able to take your mind off of everything?  But, when you try to, the wheels just keep turning making things a little worse than they were to start with.  I have found my tried and true method for fixing this...just figure out what to bake and go for it.  Last night, I went just a little crazy or as Charles said this morning "nuts" and tried for a few to many things, so much so that if I had brought some fruit to work and orange juice there would have been a continental breakfast for the office.  This is what I would like to call a Friday breakfast of champions...  

There were pecan cinnamon rolls...I know this is not going with my get fit summer, but sometimes you just have a craving.

Oh and gluten-free strawberry "pop-tarts" with fresh strawberry filling and sprinkles of course!  Can't forget about all of my gluten-free peeps in the office.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Food for thought...

So I started thinking about food and eating habits last night.  I was thinking about how I would not sit down and eat half a pint of ice cream in front of a crowd of people, but have no problem sitting at home on the sofa and doing so.  I have to admit I have been going through one of those periods of not eating as healthy as I should, and it let me to think about if the world "knew" (like if I Instagramed everything I ate every day for a week or month) would I eat as poorly as I do some days.  So, in my hope to get healthy again this summer, so I am actually prepared for the upcoming bike and running races I am going to pull out some healthier fruit based recipes over the few weeks.  I am going to start to try and think about whether I would eat XYZ if I had to Instagram it first or would I maybe pick up a summer peach instead.  For the meantime though I leave you with the last time I went healthy baking for a month back in February 2013.  I think I need to make some of the cinnamon raisin muesli asap to kick start this attempt at healthy eating.  It is such a great alternative to oatmeal during the hot summer, and is jam packed with flavor and texture.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baking for blogging...Lemon Blueberry Tart...oh an I'm a Mrs.

I think I have been putting off this post long enough...

Holy cow I got married!  The day finally came almost two weeks ago now and as I said that day..."my Pinterest dreams came true."  Besides getting to marry my best friend and the man I love; all of the hard work, DIYing, time and planning all came together for more than I could have hoped.  It made the fact that I still can't feel the tip of my right index finger from spray painting too long totally worth it.  It made carrying around and moving boxes of chargers, table runners, beer, wine, decorations, etc all worth.  BIG thanks to all of those who helped in carrying all of those boxes too!  Another BIG thanks to Courtney for acting as wedding coordinator for the day and keeping Charles and I on schedule.  A few pics from the day and then on to what this blog is really about...desserts...this time lemon blueberry tarts.

...straight from Pinterest...with hand-cut circle menu cards and hand spray painted wine bottles.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate and Pigs?

Okay I have been meaning to post this for about two weeks now...but hey there was a little on my mind getting married last weekend and all.  Back to that later.  This cake though was the groom's cake for the wedding three weeks ago.  I honestly wasn't even going to blog about it because I forgot to take a picture of the inside.  Turns out the groom did though and was willing to share.  

I might have had the most fun I have ever had making this cake.  It was a complete surprise for the groom and I was ecstatic to get to make it for him.  I chose the inside filling because I had heard from him before that he loved this cake he had from Crumbs one time with an Oreo cream filling.  This is not for those who don't enjoy a rich cake though.  It is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate with pigs on top...of course I would not recommend eating the pigs though, unless you just enjoy chewing on fondant.  The cake was devil's food cake, with vanilla frosting filling with tones of Oreos crushed and mixed in, with chocolate ganache on top and Reece's and KitKats around the outside.  It turned out looking and tasting exactly the way I wanted it to, and definitely made me want to experiment more with fondant.   Bonus though is that is tasted great too, unlike most decorative cakes.  Enjoy!

Sunrise over Old Town...there was some early morning running (pre-wedding) before a meeting a couple of weeks ago and I just had to snap a shot.