Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring is in the air + Half and Half Cookies (white chocolate macadamia nut and chocolate chunk cookies)

I think we have all been...those times where we are a bit over tired from a few days with long hours of work with the same people.  The times where you start to almost giggle over silly things.  Well these cookies are a product of those times.  A product of their constantly being cookies at meetings as the dessert option and always wanting to be able to try a few different ones...but cookies a meetings tend to be the size of your hand.  Thus eating a few different ones is not really advisable.  So instead it popped into my mind to make a cookie that was really two different kinds of cookies in one.  For the first try on these I went with half chocolate chunk and half white chocolate macadamia nut.  They were sooo good!  Definitely a cookies combination that I prefer to just be baked so they are still super soft in the middle.  I can't wait until the next combination but I already have a couple in mind.  Enjoy!

So its officially spring and I just had to share a few pictures of the cherry blossoms at sunrise I took a couple of weeks ago.

The shear number of people who came to DC this year to see these was amazing.  The ones around the Tidal Basin were here for about a week and then gone, but they sure were pretty for the short time they were around.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Inspired by cookies...Lemon White Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Last weekend was an adventure filled weekend in New Orleans.  There was music, delicious food and great cocktails with great friends.  I managed, somehow, to get up Saturday morning and go for a was more like jog, but it was fun exploring.  I still believe you can explore a city the best while running.  The doorman named Bubba suggested I head down Canal Street towards the river and I did. I ran past the water and the ultimately wrapped myself back around to Armstrong park, which I just had to run stop and take some pictures.

This guy was in the back of the second line...this statue was pretty awesome and definitely my fav.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Its getting real around here...and some Guinness Brownies with Bailey's Buttercream

This week has been CRAZY! I know the all caps is it a bit extreme, but it just feels like there is no time to stop.  Sunday, Charles and I got back from California where I worked and he played.  Monday was half a day of work and half a day of getting ready for Taste of the Nation DC.  (A few pics from the event below. and OMG I ate so much!)  We have also been interviewing people in our office this week, planning for this year's Miles for Memories, sending out wedding invitations, which is a process in and of itself, and the best part is yet to come.  I am so excited to finally be going to New Orleans for the first time!  

I have to admit I am wayyy behind on posting these brownies.  I made them the week before St. Patty's day thinking I would be able to post them in celebration of it.  Well it clearly didn't happen and since St. Patty's day ended up being a snow day in DC, it was probably the first time I didn't wear any green on the day meant for green.  These brownies would have been perfect though, soft and chewy Guinness brownies topped with creamy Bailey's buttercream frosting and crunchy Heath bar pieces.  They would really be great anytime of year, but they are truly fitting for St. Patrick's Day.  Enjoy!

Just a few of the silent auction items from this week.