About Me

So, every now and again I think about it, it being my very first cookbook.  My mom's friend Sandy gave it to me when I was about 5 years old. I could read it over and over again.  Now as a thirty something year old living in Richmond, VA, working in event planning (which I love), cookbooks are my thing and baking is my passion.   FYI...I have officially run out of room for them; my cookbooks have filled up a bookcase, but I still want more!  These are my cookbooks bordering the "walls" here.  Now since I have no more room, I go to the library and check cookbooks out.  What can I say, I just love looking through them, and reading them.  I am that crazy girl who literally reads a recipe and analyzes it.

(this was my very first cookbook)

Baking is not my full time job...yet, but there is just something about whisking together different ingredients at different speeds that makes me happy.  Then of course you hope to end up with something delicious, maybe sweet or salty, cakey, gooey or crunchy, but nevertheless mouth watering.  Although, sometimes things just don't always turn out as you hope and you end up with cinnamon rolls that just never get cooked in the middle.  So please comment, I love recommendations and criticism.  I will never be able to open a successful bakery if I can't handle a little criticism.  I hope you enjoy and learn along with me!