Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gluten-free Nutella Cupcakes

I have to admit...and it's a little sad...I just started watching Mad Men from the beginning just a few weeks ago.  I am totally wrapped up in it, which makes it convenient that Charles has been away a lot recently, and I have been able to just sit on the couch, hangout without Margeaux and veg after a few crazy weeks. (The last week of April was my last meeting of the spring, great weather in Southern California and a fun meeting.) This month has been fun though, and I will eventually have to get off said couch.  This month I have gotten to make cupcakes and muffins for a gender reveal party, cake for three office birthdays and a brunch full of baking for the future Mrs. Carmichael's bridal shower.  Let's talk about these cupcakes now though.  First off they are gluten-free and I promise you would never know it!  They are gluten-free devils food cupcakes with chocolate ganache, Nutella frosting and chopped hazelnuts.  OMG so delicious!

If you have never seen the sun set over the Pacific Ocean your missing something...