Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Desserts

Things learned in 2010:

1. Gluten-free desserts do not have to taste gluten-free. Thank you Karina(
2. Parchment paper is magical, especially when making layer cakes.
3. Whisks work great with batter and dough, but a hand mixer does wonders for frosting.
4. Some how not all 9" pans are the same size.
5. Store bought frosting will melt and much faster than homemade frosting.

1. Life will throw you lemons, limes and oranges, but what you have to decide is weather or not to make a cocktail, pie, cake or sweet tea.
2. People will disappointment you, and they may have no idea that they have.
3. Sometimes having to work sucks, but having the right colleagues around can make all the difference in the world.
4. If you let the fun times in they can definitely make up for the crappy times.
5. Some years are hard but there is always hope for a better year ahead.

Happy New Year Everyone!