Friday, June 5, 2015

Life...just a glimpse

Once again I have been falling let's quickly catch up here friends...

In the past month there have been browned butter vanilla bean cupcakes with sprinkles for a baby shower.

A bridal shower with biscuit bar, my fav cinnamon rolls and mini spinach bacon quiche.

There has been three being a humming bird cake with my favorite cream cheese frosting.

There was this strawberry short cake to welcome the Boos into their new home.

There was amazing donuts from Sugar Shack my favorite new donut place in Alexandria...let's just say it's a good thing I don't live down the street anymore.

There has been a BEAUTIFUL wedding at the Carnegie Institute for Science, where I got to "play" wedding coordinator and had a blast doing it. #workingtowardsthedream

Plus, being the coordinator I got to catch the groom just before seeing his bride for the "first look."

What's to come you may ask?  Well I am going to dip outside of my comfort zone here a little this month, and have a month of savory real meals.  (Thank you Amanda for the idea!) Stick with me though...delicious things to come.  

A preview...We are going to start things off with this Red Flannel Hash...aka beet hash.  Soo delicious and a great breakfast for dinner option!  Coming soon...

Thanks for stopping again soon. 

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