Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 in Review...

I am going to take this post back to the way I started this blog with things I have learned over the past baking and in life, while throwing in some humor to this list with  dumb/embarrassing moments from the past year.

Things learned in 2013:

In baking...

1. Trying to make 150 cupcakes in a one bedroom small apartment with a galley kitchen, plus a 3-layer cake is not a great idea.  You end up with cupcakes everywhere...including on the fireplace mantel.

2.  Sometimes for reasons still unknown cakes fall and turn to mush after being taken out of the oven.  As in you tested the cake in the middle, the tooth pick came out clean...then you go to cut the cake and the center still looks a little like cake batter.  If you know why this happened, please tell me.  My only guess was the frosting was crazy moist and I put a lot of it in the center of this cake...causing it to make the cake too moist in the middle?

3.  Every one's tastes are truly different...just because I may not really like what I baked does not mean that someone else won't love the flavor and texture.  Such was the case with the gluten-free holiday twist on the seven layer bar.  It goes both ways though too...just because I think its great doesn't mean someone else isn't taking a bite and throwing it into the trash.

4.  You can make cupcakes savory and delicious.  They are not what you would expect them to be, but they can be the perfect pairing at a luncheon.  Black Pepper Bacon Cornbread or Tomato Basil Goat Cheese, which would you prefer?

5.  Mistakes happen...sometimes we over bake a pie (the blueberry-strawberry pie instance this past summer) or cookies stay in the oven a little too long.  BUT don't just throw them out and think they are done for.  Cut the pie, give it a try and maybe serve it with a little more ice cream.  Crumble the cookies and freeze them, put them in-between the layers of the next cake you make or throw them in some brownie batter and make a new kind of brownie or just throw them on top of some ice cream.  As my mom has always said, "Its not brunt, it just has more flavor."  Don't get me wrong though, sometimes things are just brunt.

In life...

1.  Sometimes before you really figure out what you are doing you have to "fall."  We all make mistakes or literally fall over, but sometimes the only option is to learn by doing; whether at work or even trying to ride a bike using clips for the first few might just fall over a few times, including in front of National Park police.  Getting a few bumps and bruises helps you remember in the future.

2.  There are moments in life that will be incredibly, turn beet red in the face, awkward.  Just remember, most people will not even notice, and those people who do won't remember it in a few days.  As I am sitting here writing about my life, I know that only about 1% of those who read this, if even that, actually care about my life...Thanks friends and family for reading!

3.  Planning a wedding is fun and exciting at the beginning, but after a little while, when planning events is your life, you can be left thinking...why am I planning this big wedding anyways...isn't it really just about being married and building the future together?  Not about the time and thousands of dollars spent?

4.  If you put your mind to something, give it them time, energy and planning, you can do anything.  Be that making 150 cupcakes in a day by yourself, riding 100 miles on a bike, running a marathon or going out of your comfort zone, taking on a new role, and helping to plan the largest meeting your work has ever planned.

5.  We need to remember to just enjoy the moments, small or large, take in the little things, and remember to live life and be happy.  Even if its just...

taking ride on a carousel...

watching the sunrise...

finding inspiration even in the dark...


or just enjoying the celebration of the New Year.

So for 2014, as my friend James put it..."Here's to keeping it a Happy 2014!"  Cheers to you and a Happy 2014!

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